GRIWA DEVELOPMENT AG is active in the local real estate & architecture sectors. Various projects such as single family homes, housing developments and hotels, as well as various other investment projects have been planned, executed and sold. Thanks to our deep roots in the local area and the various partners of the GRIWA GROUP, GRIWA DEVELOPMENT AG can rely on a large network of partners. You as a potential investor can only profit from this!


All under one umbrella: for you as an investor, GRIWA DEVELOPMENT AG offers comprehensive services. As we are a comprehensive and general contractor, you have only one point of contact for your investment and projects. GRIWA DEVELOPMENT AG is the only contractor to offer the following services: 

Preliminary project organization 
Profitability and value assessment, clarification with various authorities (municipal and, government administrators, natural hazards, etc.) 

Organisation of project planning 
Project studies, detailed clarifications, construction-specific clarifications (possibly municipality, government administrator, special planner) 

Organisation of plan, planning application and construction of the project as general contractor 
Project planning, building (permission), execution planning, preparation of detailed quotation, execution, site management, etc. 

Sales consulting and administration of investment property 
Sales advice, advertising, market positioning, eventual management of the property, etc.